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​超級壞貓 ❤ 恋愛ゲーム單機版

SuperMeowMeow|Game of LOVE 










Listen up Pro Gamers, this will be your Love Fable!

Let’s load both love and hatred into this video game, and play the Game of Love with SuperMeowMeow.


How many broken hearts have been taken by DemonMeowMeow? With flirting message bombs,

pools of lover’s tears drowning you, and the pain from breaking stone-hard marriage vows,

we will find out how many lovers’ heart is still under the control of this DemonMeowMeow.


This journey only embarked after the sound of a heartbreak, and in here, we will slaughter all love birds,

cut off roses in their hands, and clear their eyes off those pink illusion love bubbles.

We now invite you to get evil and start this Game of Love to take back all lovers’ hearts.

2020 | Digital Art Festival Taipei 01_LOVE @DAC  (Taipei,Taiwan)
2019 | Arc Film Festival (Mainz, Germany)

2019 | VOID - International Animation Film Festival (Copenhagen, Denmark)

2019 | GRRL HAUS CINEMA (Berlin, Germany)


2018 | Diametrale. Experimental Film Festival “B-Side Selection “ (Innsbruck,Austria) 

2018 | Weyauwega International Film Festival (Wisconsin, USA)

2018 | Montreal Underground Film Festival (Montreal, Canada)

2018 | LA Underground Film Forum (Los Angeles,USA)

2018 | SUPERNOVA Digital Animation Festival (Denver, USA)

2018 | Portland Unknown Film Festival (Portland, USA)

2018 | Taipei Free Art Fair - Animal Farm(Taipei,Taiwan)

2018 | Keyhole Art Fair_(Murcia, Spain) 


Directing & Animation by 小貓肉球 BadBadMeowMeow

Music by 賴韋宏 Wei-Houng,Lai

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