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My Vagina Labyrinth  


Note: This is an online web demo version, so please ensure a stable internet connection while playing. If you experience lag or stuttering in the visuals, try allowing the game to load once by running it, and then re-enter the game for a smooth adventu


【遊戲說明 How to PLAY】

鍵盤滑鼠操控:方向鍵  (上/下/左/右) 移動、空白鍵射擊、滑鼠點按 Pause暫停

遊戲搖桿操控:操作搖桿 (上/下/左/右) 移動、動作按鈕 (X) 射擊 、OPTIONS按鈕 Pause暫停


Keyboard and Mouse Controls: Use arrow keys (Up/Down/Left/Right) to move, spacebar to shoot, and click the mouse to pause.

Gamepad Controls: Use the joystick (Up/Down/Left/Right) to move, press the action button (X) to shoot, and press the OPTIONS button to pause.


【作品介紹 About This Game】






”Welcome to My Vagina Labyrinth.  Use your finger to unlock my lust and get access into the world inside my body. Let’s find the ORGASM in this maze. Come with me.“This work is a video game adaptation of the animated short film "My Vagina Labyrinth", based on a female perspective. A contemporary image of female body eroticism.

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