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Cooking MeowMeow





2020  第五屆台灣國際貓影展

2019  ILMIÖ festival 芬蘭音樂節於 VAFT Mobile展出

2018 CUVO VideoArt Festival 西班牙錄像影展全年巡迴

2017 Nuit Blanche 白晝之夜X台北

2016 台北藝術自由日Free Art Fair_藝術美味,於華山藝文特區舉辦聯合展覽

Cooking MeowMeow is a cooking TV show featuring a black cat.

The recipe today includes polar bears, war weapons, animal hunting and romance love stories. Main ingredient requires your childhood toys, handmade models and personal memories.Cooking MeowMeow presents you a fusion meal of the ongoing global environmental problems and personal emotion trauma.

2020  Taiwan International Cat Film Festival – Tapetum Lucidum (Taipei,Taiwan) 

2019  ILMIÖ festival X Video Art Festival Turku (Turku, Finland)

2018  CUVO VideoArt Festival (Madrid, Spain)

2017  Nuit Blanche Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)

2016  Free Art Fair- ARTasty (Taipei,Taiwan)


Directing & Animation by 小貓肉球 BadBadMeowMeow

Music by 賴韋宏 Wei-Houng,Lai

小貓肉球新字型(橫)黑 .png
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